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1, Hurricane (2 songs)

10,000 Maniacs (5 songs)

10cc (none)

Ocean 11 (none)

12 Stones (none)

13th Floor Elevators (none)

25talife (none)

28 Days (none)

3 Dog Night (none)

3 Doors Down (none)

30 Seconds To Mars (none)

311 (none)

36 Crazy Fists (none)

38 Special (none)

4 Non Blondes (none)

40 Below Summer (none)

50 Cent (none)

54-40 (none)

7 Seconds (none)

7738 (none)

8 Stops 7 (none)

88 Fingers Louie (none)

The 88 (none)

883 (none)

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