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Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry  Frank Sinatra

[A9]The torch I c[E7]arry is [D9]handsome; [E7]

[A9]It's worth it's [E7]heartache in [Em9]ransome. [A6/7/9]        [A7]

[A6/7/9] Now  w[A7]hen [Cdim]that t[D]wilight st[E]eals,

[Cdim] I   [E7/9]know [D9]how the[E7/9] la - [E7]dy [E7/6] in  t[E7]he [D9]har - [Dm6]bor f[A]eels.

[C#m7]When I want [Cm7]rain,[Bm7] I get sun - ny [E7/9]weath - [E7]er

[AM7]I'm just as [F#m7]blue as the [D9]sky  [Dm6]

[AM7]Since love is [F#7]gone, can't [DM7]pull my - self to - [Dm+7]geth -[Dm6] er

[A]Guess I'll hang my t[D9]ears [E7/6]out to d[A]ry

[C#m7]Friends ask me [Cm7]out, but[Bm7] I tell them I'm[E7/9] bus -[E7] y --

[AM7]Got to get a [F#m7]new al - i - [D9]bi   [Dm6]

[AM7]I stay at h[F#7]ome, and [DM7]ask my - self "Where[Dm+7] is  s[Dm6]he?"

[A]Guess I'll hang my t[D9]ears [E7/6]out to d[A]ry


[Em7]Dry [G/B]lit - tle[A6/7/9] tear dr[A7]ops,[Em7] my [G/B]lit - tle[A6/7/9] tear  d[A7]rops

[DM7]Hang - ing on a s[D6]tream[A9+5] of dr[D]eams

[C#7]Fly, little mem' - ries,[F#m7] my lit - tle mem' - ries

Re - [Bm9]mind her of our [F7]cra - zy s[E7]chemes

Yes, [C#m7]some - bod - y [Cm7]said "[Bm7]Just for - get a - [E7/9]bout h[E7]er,"

So[AM7] I gave that [F#m7]treat - ment a [D9]try, [Dm6]

    [AM7]                  [F#7]        [DM7]                    [Dm+7]     [Dm6]             
And strange - ly e - nough, I got a - long with - out  her --

T[A]hen one [E7]day [A7sus4] she  p[AM7]assed me [C#m7-5]right  [F#7]by --[Fdim] oh, [E7/9]well,

[E7]I gu[D9]ess I'll [Fdim]hang my [E7/6]tears[Bm7-5] out to [A]dry.