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East Of Eden  Babyshambles

            [E5]            [G#5]                                                                      
e -------------------------------------|
B ------------------9999999999---------|
G ------9999999999--8888888888---------|
D ------9999999999--6666666666---------|
A ------7777777777---------------------|
E -------------------------------------|

Verse: (played once through for intro)

         [E]          [C#7+9]          [F#m7]                 [B]                                                
e ---------------------------2222255554--2222222222--------|
B ---------------2222222222--2222222222--4444444444--------|
G ----11111111---4444444444--2222222222--4444444444--------|
D ----22222222---3333333333--2222222222--4444444444--------|
A ----22222222-3-4444444444--4444444444--2222222222--------|
E ---------------------------2222222222--2222222222--------|

         [E]           [E7]          [A]          [Am]                                                      
e ---------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------222222222-1111111111-----------|
G ----1111111111-1111111111-222222222-2222222222-----------|
D ----2222222222------------222222222-2222222222-----------|
A ----2222222222-2222222222--------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------|

         [E]          [C#7+9]          [F#m7]        [B]       [E]    [Emaj9]                                              
e ---------------------------22222-22222--------44444------|
B ---------------2222222222--22222-44444--------44444------|
G ----11111111---4444444444--22222-44444--11111-44444------|
D ----22222222---3333333333--22222-44444--22222-44444------|
A ----22222222-3-4444444444--44444-22222--22222-22222------|
E ---------------------------22222-22222-------------------|

This is then repeated throughout the song! i've written the chords by the song.


Ive been wan[E]dering East o[C#7+9]f Eden
Been l[F#m7]ost, cold, lonesome as a [B]sparrow in the rain
I found [E]myself tumbling t[C#7+9]o a sinking feeling
When som[F#m7]eone said I done gone wrong
[B]Couldn't feel no shame
I'll b[E]e leaving town on the [E7]very next train
You can wa[A]it for me little girl
But I[Am] won't be coming this way again
And [E] it ain't no[C#7+9]body's bu[F#m7]siness i[B]f I [E]do    [Emaj9]

Verse 2:

There's a slow train ru[E]mbling east of a place called[C#7+9] Eden
Ah, the wi[F#m7]nd blowing in proud as the tr[B]ees upon the plain
And a stranger's vo[E]ice talked to me of liberty and[C#7+9] freedom
Yeah, it[F#m7] seems like he done gone wrong again
[B]And he wears the hat like shame

Well he [E]   tasted the fr[E7]uit of another
And [A]when his Margie, when[Am] she discovered
Said she's gon[E]na love him ten t[C#7+9]imes more
Ain't nobody's bus[F#m7]iness i[B]f sh[E]e do  [Emaj9]
Verse 3:

He said[E] "some men born rich, s[C#7+9]ome men born poor
[F#m7]But they're rich in other ways"
[B]Into my heart his wisdom poured

It's no good cru[E]mblin, I'm making tracks [C#7+9]to live
When I [F#m7]laid my love down in the light
[B]You should've seen all the things my shadow did
[E]  The filth and the fury, the f[E7]ear and the pain
[A]It's all disappearing now
[Am]Faster than the smoke from this old train
And[E] it ain't n[C#7+9]obody's bus[F#m7]iness i[B]f it d[E]o
One more time: [E]   ain't [C#7+9]nobody's business [B]if it [E]do    [Emaj9]
Have fun, it's a brilliant song!

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A Am B C#7+9 E E5 E7 Emaj9 F#m7 G#5
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