Another Roadside Tragedy

Black Crowes

The Black Crowes Song Title: Another Roadside Tragedy TBC Original? Yes Written By: C.R & R.R. Recording Session: Band Record: Band (released as "Lost Crowes") Live Debut: 06/20/1997 Shows: 52 times played live Notes: recorded in May, 1997 at Purple Dragon Studios in Atlanta, GA and appears on Band.
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Tuning: CFCFAC (Open F- Open G down one full step)
This one was tough to tab out. This tab isn't 100% note for note, and I'll explain why but I covered the major parts that you need to play the song.
Intro: C----------------------------| A--------1----3-----1--------| F---------------------2p0-0--| C----0h2---/3---3\2----------| F----------------------------| C----------------------------|
Verse Riff: C--------------------------------| A--------------------------------| F------0-0--0---0-0---0-2p0---0--| C----2--------2-------------2----| F--------------------------------| C--------------------------------|
During the verses, this is repeated three times with a fill to end it. I wasn't going sit here and tab out every single one of them for a few reasons...they got lost in the so I couldn't hear them, I simply couldn't figure out what Rich was playing, and I don't want to waste my time tabbing them out note for note. Open tunings allow for a lot of fun improvisational fills, so you can have fun making up your own parts. Here are the two the vocals come in, and a third one from the first verse to give you an idea of what to play...
C-------------------------------------| |--------------------------------| A--------------3----------------------| |--------------------------------| F--------0h2/4---4\2p0-2p0------------| |------0h2/3--2/3\2p0---0h2p0----| C----0h2-------------------2----------| |--0h2----------------2-------2--| F------------------------------2b3p0--| |--------------------------------| C-------------------------------------| |--------------------------------|
|------------------------------| |------------------------------| |----0-0---------0---0-2p0-----| |--2-----/2-----------------2--| |------------/3----------------| |------------------------------|
Figure A: C----0--0---------------| A----1--1------0-0-0-0--| F----2--0------0-0-0-0--| C----3--2---------------| F-------0--3b4----------| C-----------------------|
This is played in between the first two verses
Chorus (with slide): C--------------------------| |---------------------------| A----------------/5----5\--| |---------------------------| F----/3\2p0-/2-0-/5--5--\--| |--/3-/3-0--/3-/3\2p0----0--| C-----------/2---/5--------| x3 |---------------------/3----| F--------------------------| |---------------------------| C--------------------------| |---------------------------|
The first measure is played three times, on the third repeat, add the second measure to end. The whole figure is played twice.

Solo Rhythm: C---------------------------------------------------| A---------------------------------------------3--5--| F------0-0--0---0-0---0-2p0---0----0-0--0-----3--5--| C----2--------2-------------2----2--------2p0-3--5--| x3 F---------------------------------------------3--5--| C---------------------------------------------------|
C---------------------| |--------------------------| A------0-0--0-0-3--5--| |----0-0--0--0---0-0--0--0-| F------0-0--0-0-3--5--| |----0-0--0--0---0-0--0--0-| C----2----------3--5--| x3 |--2-----------2-----------| F---------------3--5--| |--------------------------| C---------------------| |--------------------------|
I couldn't really make out what was being played during the last measure of the solo but this'll do just fine.
Interlude: Figure B C----0----0----0-----0-----0----0--| A----1----8----10----10/12--10--8--| F----0----0----0-----0------0---0--| C----3----9----10----10/12--10--9--| F---------0----0-----0------0------| C----------------------------------|
The interlude is played at a much slower tempo then the rest of the song. This is played once and is followed by
Figure C: C-------------------------------------------------------------------| A----10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--------12--12--12--12--12\--| F-------------------------------------------------------------------| C------10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--10--/12-------12--12--12-----| F-------------------------------------------------------------------| C-------------------------------------------------------------------|
C--------------------------------------------------| A------10--10--10--10--11p10--10------10\-------8--| F--------------------------------------------------| C----10--10--10--10--10-----10----/10--------/9----| F--------------------------------------------------| C--------------------------------------------------|
then these chords: C---0-----0-----0-----0--| A---10----12----10----8--| F---0-----0-----0-----0--| C---10----12----10----9--| F---0-----0-----0-----0--| C------------------------|
Figure C is repeated, with some slight variation, then this is played
Figure D: C----0----0--0---0---0--|----------------------| A----10---10/12--10--8--|--12\-----------------| F----0----0--0---0---0--|--12\----/3\2p0----0--| C----10---10/12--10--9--|--12\---------/3------| F----0----0--0---0---0--|----------------------| C-----------------------|----------------------|
We return to the original tempo after the first measure, then back into the chorus after the second measure. The chorus is repeated four times, then the main riff is played and improvised on as the instruments drop out until just the organ, drums (rimshots only), and rhythm guitar are left, with the rhythm guitar playing this riff...
Figure E: C-------------------------| A-------------------------| F--------0--x-x-x-x-x--3--| C----2b3p0-------------2--| F-------------------------| C-------------------------|

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