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Queen Uk  Bob Schneider

[C]               [Em]                [Am]                [F]                                    
e--0--		--0--		--0--		--1--
B--1--		--0--		--1--		--1--
G--0--		--0--		--2--		--2--
D--2--		--2--		--2--		--3--
A--3--		--2--		--0--		--0--
E--0--		--0--		--0--		--0--

C, Em, Am, F (x2)

Me and My [C]best friend Jim started our [Em]own band
When I was [Am]fifteen living in [F]Deutschland.
Didn't [C]matter that we could [Em]hardly play
Came up with a [Am]crazy name, called the band [F]"Queen UK"
I played the [C]guitar, he played [Em]drums
Our parents [Am]told us one day we'd be [F]bums
And every[C]day we'd go over to his [Em]parents house
And in the [Am]basement we'd play as [F]hard and loud
As we could [C]get it. It drove his [Em]mom mad
But it never [Am]seemed to bother his [F]drunk dad.
We wrote [C]five or six, [Em]songs or so
We [Am]played them at the high school [F]talent show
We blew the [C]shit up. The girls went [Em]crazy.
We looked so [Am]cool. They called us [F]'baby.'
And after [C]that man, we [Em]had it made.
The [Am]normal life was [F]later-ade.

C, Em, Am, F...

Well I moved to [C]Austin, he moved to [Em]LA after living in Seattle.
I joined a [Am]funk band, he got all into [F]heavy metal.
It was a [C]wild time. I did a lot of [Em]blotter.
It was like some [Am]bad episode of "[F]Welcome Back Kotter".
I went out to [C]LA to [Em]visit him.
But he was all [Am]messed up playing in some [F]shitty band.
Snorting [C]heroin. He had like [Em]ten tatoos.
We smoked some [Am]serious kind, drank a [F]ton of booze.
We joked [C]around alot. We'd [Em]always say
We've [Am]come so far since the [F]good ol' days.

C, Em, Am, F...

It was a [C]blur but, I don't really re[Em]member much.
Just glad to get the [Am]hell out, I never liked L[F]A too much.
Austin was more [C]laid back, more like my [Em]kind of town.
People [Am]kickin it, not so [F]tightly wound.
My bands kept [C]breaking up, like they [Em]always do.
I kept [Am]getting by, and [F]pulling through.
I got a [C]phone call from Jim one night in [Em]ninety-eight
He didn't [Am]sound so good he said 'I [F]need a break'.
He said can [C]I come to stay for a [Em]week or so.
I said 'That'd be [Am]cool. No [F]problem bro.'
But I never [C]spoke to him [Em]again after that.
I got a [Am]call from this guy in Jim's band [F]Aftermath.
He said that [C]Jim had died sometime last [Em]week or so.
In his [Am]apartment, some kind of [F]overdose.
The police couldn't [C]find his folks, and maybe [Em]did I know
How to get a [Am]hold of them and I said I [F]did and so
They called his [C]parents up and it was [Em]shitty but,
I went to the [Am]funeral and I was [F]all fucked up.
And I felt [C]responsible in some [Em]weird ol' way.
But there was [Am]nothing I could do, there was [F]nothing I could say.

C, Em, Am, F (x2)...

That's the [C]way it goes when [Em]fate is king.
You can't [Am]tell the world how to [F]do its thing.
You can just [C]hold on tight, let it take you [Em]for a ride.
And [Am]maybe you might make it to the [F]other side.
Well in the [C]end I guess, it doesn't [Em]matter so.
I [Am]guess I'll tell you every[F]thing I know now.

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Am C Em F
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