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Thicker Than Water  Garth Brooks

Intro :   e |-2--------------------|----------------------|

          b |-3-----3--3--------3--|-0-----0--2-----------|

          g |-2--2-----2-----2-----|-0-----0--2--------2--|

D |-0--------------------|----0-----------------|
A |----------------------|----------0-----------|
E |----------2-----------|-3--------------------|
              [D]        [D/F#]              [G] [A] 
          e |-2-----2--------------|----------------------|
          b |-3--------3--------3--|-0--------------------|
          g |-2--2-----2-----2-----|-0--------------------|
          D |-0--------------------|----------------------|
          A |----------------------|----------------------|
          E |----------2-----------|-3--------------------|

              [D]        [D/F#]              [G] 

Verse 1 : She was b[D]orn in Kansas City, r[Bm]aised in Arkansas
          Fell in l[G]ove with an Ex-Marin[D]e   [A]
          She al[D]ready had three babies; he had [Bm]one of his own
Em D/F# A ( A4_A )
They came together for another and me
          [G]Our family never shared the s[A]ame last name
          [G]But our family was a [A]family the same, and they say
Refrain : [D]Blood is thicker than [Bm]water
Em A D ( D4_D )
Oh, but love is thicker than blood
Verse 2 : [D]Wreck out on the highway, [Bm]rain falling down
          Lord, he m[G]ust have fell asleep at the w[D]hee[A]l
          There's a n[D]umber of people just s[Bm]tanding around
Em D/F# A ( A4_A )
Lord I can't condemn the fear that they feel
          For that [Bm]river of [Bm/A]red could be the [G]death of me
          [Em]God, give me s[D/F#]trength and keep rem[G]inding [A]me that
Refrain : [D]Blood is thicker than [Bm]water
          Oh, but l[Em]ove is t[A]hicker than [D]blood
Bridge :  And if [G]blood is thicker than w[D]ater
          Well then [C]what are we fighthing f[D]or
          [G]We're all sons and d[F#m]aughters
          [G]Of something that means so [Gmaj7/E]much more [A]
Verse 3 : I s[D]ee it on my TV but I [Bm]can't understand
          Lord it's [G]one big contradiction to [D]me    [A]
          How in God's [D]name we love thy neighbor with [Bm]fists in our hands
          And kill each [Em]other when we [D/F#]just don't ag[A]ree
          [G]Why can't we see the walls we [A]can't see through
          [G]And see what God's been telling [A]me and you, and that is
Refrain : [D]Blood is thicker than [Bm]water
          Oh, but l[Em7]ove, love is t[A]hicker than []bl[D]oo[]d

Fill :    | D - D/F# - | G - A - | D - D/F# - | G - - - |   

Outro :   She was b[D]orn in Kansas City, r[Bm]aised in Arkansas
          Fell in [Gmaj7]love with an Ex-Marine  [D]

Additional Chords :

  [A4]         [D/F#]         [D4]        [Gmaj7/E]          [Gmaj7]         [Em7]         [Bm/A]                       
e 0|---  e 2|-x-  e 3|--x  e 2|-x-  e 2|-x-  e 0|---  e 2|-x--
b 3|--x  b 3|--x  b 3|--x  b 3|--x  b 0|---  b 3|--x  b 3|--x-
g 2|-x-  g 2|-x-  g 2|-x-  g 0|---  g 0|---  g 0|---  g 4|---x
D 2|-x-  D x|---  D 0|---  D x|---  D 0|---  D 0|---  D 4|---x
A 0|---  A x|---  A x|---  A x|---  A 2|-x-  A 2|-x-  A 0|----
E x|---  E 2|-x-  E x|---  E 0|---  E 3|--x  E 0|---  E x|----

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A A4 Bm Bm/A C D D/F# D4 Em Em7 F#m G Gmaj7 Gmaj7/E
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