Old Photograph

Jim Capaldi

 Yesterday I felt the wind blowing 'round my shoulder        
 Feel like I'm getting older
 Still I can't forget your face

 Separated by a million miles of ocean     
 My heart still feels emotion
 Even in this lonely place

 Old photographs and places I remember
 Just like a dying ember
 That's burned into my soul
 Even though we walk the diamond-studded highways    
 It's the country lanes and byways
That makes us long for home              

 Lately I just find my mind has turned to dreamin'   
 Making plans and scheming
 How I'm gonna get back home

 But deep down inside I know its really hopeless
 This road I'm on is endless
 We climb our mountains all alone


repete 2 vezes e termina com solo de sax.

Chords transcribed by YUKIKO NINOMIYA UMEMARU

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