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Jackie  Mauro Scocco

Intro: Gm Dm x4
Verse 1
                                            [Gm]And if one [Dm]day I should be[Gm]come a singer [Dm]with a Spanish [Gm]bum
        Who sings for [Dm]women of great [Gm]virtue[Dm]
        [Gm]I'd sing to [Dm]them with a gui[Gm]tar I'd borrowed [Dm]from a coffee [Gm]bar
        Well, what you [Dm]don't know doesn't [Gm]hurt you![Dm]
        [G]My name would be Anton[Gmaj7]io and all my bridges I would [Gmaj6]burn
        And when I gave them some they'd [Gmaj7]know I[G]'d expect something in re[Am]turn[D]  [Am]   [D]
        [Am]I'd have to get drunk every [Am(maj7]night and talk about virili[Am7]ty
        With some old Grandmama who [Am6]might be decked out like a Christmas [B7]tree
        [Em]And though pink [Bm]elephants I'd [Em]see, though I'd be [Bm]drunk as I could [Em]be
        Still I would [Bm]sing my song to [Em]me about the [Am7]time they called me [G]Jackie
                                            If I could [G]be[Gmaj7] for only an [Gmaj6]hour  [Gmaj7]
        If I could [G]be for an [Gmaj7]hour every [Am]day [D]
        If I could [Am]be for [Am(maj7]just one little [Am7]hour [Am6]
        A cute [D]cute in a stupid-assed way [Gm]   [Dm]   [Gm]   [Dm]
Verse 2
                                            [Gm]And if I [Dm]joined the social [Gm]world, became pro[Dm]curer of young [Gm]girls
        Then I would [Dm]have my own bor[Gm]dellos[Dm]
        [Gm]My record [Dm]would be number [Gm]one and I'd sell [Dm]records by the [Gm]ton
        All sung by [Dm]many other [Gm]fellows[Dm]
        [G]My name would then be Handsome [Gmaj7]Jack and I'd sell boats of opi[Gmaj6]um
        Whisky that came from Twicke[Gmaj7]nham, [G]  authentic queers and phoney [Am7]virg[D]ins[Am7]    [D]
        [Am]If I had banks on every [Am(maj7]finger, a finger in every country [Am7]
        And all the countries ruled by me[Am6] I'd still know where I'd [B7]want to be
        [Em]Locked up in[Bm]side my opium [Em]den surrounded [Bm]by some China[Em]men
        I'd sing the [Bm]song that I sang [Em]then about the [Am7]time they called me [G]Jackie
repeat chorus
Verse 3
                                            [Gm]Now tell me [Dm]wouldn't it be [Gm]nice that if one [Dm]day in Para[Gm]dise
        I'd sing for [Dm]all the ladies [Gm]up there [Dm]
        [Gm]And they would [Dm]sing along with [Gm]me, we'd be so [Dm]happy, that'd [Gm]be
        'Cos down be[Dm]low is really [Gm]nowhere[Dm]
        [G]And if my name were Juni[Gmaj7]per and I would know where I was [Gmaj6]going
        And I would become [Gmaj7]all-knowing, my beard so [G]very long and [Am7]flow[D]ing[Am7]    [D]
        [Am]If I became deaf, dumb and [Am(maj7]blind because I pitied all man[Am7]kind
        And broke my heart to make things [Am6]right
        I'd know that every [B7]single night
        [Em]When my an[Bm]gelic work was [Em]through the angels [Bm]and the Devil [Em]too
        Would sing my [Bm]childhood song to [Em]me about the [Am7]time they called me [G]Jackie
repeat chorus
Gm Dm x4 end on G

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