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The Eulogy Song  Misc. Unsigned Bands

[-----]Here's the chords to that controversial song performed on the Chaser's War On Everything
the play Dead Caesar.
Tabbed by Bert.
[-----]Playing Notes:
During the song there are many spoken parts which can't be placed into timing with the
so I've only written down the chords played during these parts
[-----]D7 - (Spoken part)
My great grand father died this week.
I couldn’t stand him actually nobody could.
But as soon as he passed away everybody went around saying what a top bloke he was, so..
I’d like to dedicate this song to you, 'Gramps'.

He was [G]very hard of [Em]hearing,
he was [G]dull and domi[Em]neering,
[G]misogynist [Em]cantankerous and [D]vain.
He hit the [C]bottle every [D]night,
he hit my [G]grandma out of [Em]spite,
and those [C]stories about his bunions were a [D]pain.
But [C]all that’s now for[D]gotten,
once he [G]took his final [Em]breath.
Yes even [C]pricks turn into [D]top blokes after [G]death.

C D G Em - (Spoken part)
You don’t believe me?
C D - (Spoken part)
Allow me to furnish you with a few examples..

Steve [G]Irwin lived in [Em]khaki,
a [G]cartoon kami[Em]kaze,
who [G]taunted crocs and [Em]talked so frequent[D]ly.

And [C]Brocky was some [D]revhead,
who [G]pumped the air with pure [Em]lead,
so [C]anti green he drove into a [D]tree.
But [C]all that was for[D]gotten,
once they [G]took their final [Em]breath.
Yes even [C]tools turn into [D]top blokes after [G]death.
John [G]Lennon chose the [Em]hippy life,
he [G]chose some nutbag for a [Em]wife,
and [G]his songs were never [Em]quite as good as [D]Paul’s.
Jeff [C]Buckley fooled all [D]lovers,
just one [G]album, mostly [Em]covers,
more [C]wailing than Japan does off our [D]shores.
But [C]all that was for[D]gotten,
once he [G]took his final [Em]breath,
yes even [C]wankers turn into [D]top blokes after [G]death.
Princess [G]Di was just a [Em]slut for sex,
when [G]they looked in the [Em]car wreck,
her [G]dress was wet with [Em]Arab's semen [D]stain.
Stan [C]Zemanek was a [D]racist jock,
a [G]fatso xeno[Em]phobic cock,
whose [C]views were more malignant than his [D]brain.
But [C]all that was [D]forgotten,
once [G]he took his final [Em]breath,
yes even [C]arseholes turn into [D]top blokes after [G]death.
C D G Em - (spoken part)
It’s not how they lived that counts,
but how we rewrite the book.

C D - (spoken part)
When it comes to truth it’s best to use restraint,

C D G Em - (spoken part)
It pays to throw away the facts
and have a rose coloured look.

C D - (spoken part)
When he dies, Martin Bryant will look a saint.

Don [G]Bradman was a [Em]total farce,
a [G]grumpy, greedy [Em]tired-arse,
who [G]couldn’t even score one [Em]run last time he [D]played.

Kerry [C]Packer was a [D]brothel chief,
a [G]tax cheat and a [Em]kidney thief.
and [C]procreating Jamie was the worst mistake he [D]made.
But [C]all that was [D]forgotten,
once he [G]took his final [Em]breath,
yes even [C]**** (censored) turn into [D]top blokes after [G]death.
Belinda [G]Emmett was a…  (stopped by cast)
Remember [C]all will be for[D]gotten,
once we [G]take our final [Em]breath..
yes even [C]pervert motherf**kers,
even [C]rampant child-abusers,
even [C]local Baghdad looters,
even [C]baby bunny rooters,
even [C]reckless drunken drivers,
even [C]rodent sperm imbibers,
even [C]violent poofter bashers,
even [C]public penis flashers,
even [C]rotting corpse molesters,
even [C]human piss ingesters,
even [C]tiny kitten kickers,
even [C]anal finger lickers,
even [G]Anna ‘bloody’ [Em]Coren,
yes even [C]she will be a [D]top bloke after [G]death.
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