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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEED ME - Reef ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Eddie Adams Email: edmedmoped@yahoo.co.uk
Tuning: DADGBe (Drop-D)
I've finally worked out this amazing song by Reef! Enjoy!
Verse Riff e]----0-0--0--0-------0-0--0---0--| B]----0-0--0--0-------0-0--0---0--| G]----7-7-/5-/7-------7-7-/10-/5--| D]-0--x-x-/x--x----0--x-x--x---x--| A]-0--5-5-/3-/5----0--5-5-/8--/3--| D]-0--0-0--0--0----0--0-0--0---0--|
Chorus (`I don't think that this makes too much sense`) e]-----------------------------| B]-----------------------------| G]-----------------------------| D]--3--3--3--3-----5--5--5--5--| A]--3--3--3--3-----5--5--5--5--|
D]--3--3--3--3-----5--5--5--5--| Followed by riff
Pre-Verse or Something (`Can't you see i'm all used up...') e]--------------------------------| B]--------------------------------| G]----7-------------7-------------| D]----0---3--5------0---3--5------| A]-0--5---3--5---0--5---3--5------| E]-0--0---3--5---0--0---3--5------|
Verse Riff x4 for intro Verse Riff x4 for verse Chorus x1 Verse Riff x4 Chorus x2 Pre-Verse Verse Riff x12 Chorus x2 Pre-Verse Verse Riff until the end
Thanks for looking!

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