Have you ever really loved

Bryan Adams

Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 15:02:47 -0400
Okay, I have finally finished! It took me a few hours, but I finally figured out it isn't tuned down. So ...
HAVE YOU EVER REALLY LOVED A WOMAN - Bryan Adams, off of Don Juan DeMarco soundtrack
*Chords used: Eb Cm D Bb F Em7 Am7 G E -6- -3- -5- -1- -1- -0- -0- -3- B -8- -4- -7- -3- -1- -3- -1- -3- G -8- -6- -7- -3- -2- -0- -0- -0- D -8- -6- -7- -3- -3- -2- -2- -0- A -6- -3- -5- -1- -3- -2- -0- -2- E --- --- --- --- -1- -0- --- -3-
*And the Intro:
------------|-------------|-----------| ------------|-------------|-----1-----| -0---2-3-2--|---0-2-3-2---|---0---3-2-| ------------|-------------|-----------| ------------|-------------|-----------|
*The whole song (except for the solo and chorus) is arpeggioed by hitting the 5th, 4th, 3rd, then 2nd and holding. In other words, the first chord, Eb, is played: ------------- ---------8--- -------8----- -----8------- --6---------- -------------
*Also, there are three different "step downs". Fig1 E---------- B---------- G--3---2---
Fig2 E--------- B--1------ G------3--
Fig3 E----------- B----------- G--0-----1-- D-----4-----
*So it goes:
Eb, Cm, D, Bb, Fig1, F, Cm, Fig2, Fig3, C, G
G, D, G, Em7, Am7,D,Am7,D, Am7,D,Am7,D, G
Eb, G, D, G
Eb, C (something? couldn't figure this one out.), D, Bb,F, Bb, F
*then it goes back to arpeggios:
Cm, Fig2, Fig3
*Back to the chorus.
To really love a Eb Cm D(barred) woman, to understand her, you've got to know her deep inside Bb Fig1 F Hear every thought, see every dream, and give her wings when she wants to fly Cm Fig2 Fig3 Then when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms, you know you really C G love a woman
*CHORUS: G D When you love a woman, you tell her that she's really wanted D G When you love a woman, you tell her that she's the one G Em7 Am7 D Am7 D She needs somebody, to tell her that it's gonna last forever #cutline#(She needs somebody, to tell her that you'll always be together) Am7 D Am7 D G So tell me have you ever really...really, really ever loved a woman
*2nd VERSE
To really love a woman, let her hold you, till you know how she needs to be touched You've got to breathe her, really taste her till you can feel her in your blood And when you see your unborn children in her eyes you know you really love a woman
You've got to Eb G give her some faith, hold her tight, a little tenderness G you've got to treat her right D G She will be there for you taking good care of you
You really gotta love your woman
*SOLO* Cm Fig2 Fig3 And when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms,
you know you really love a woman
PEACE, I'm out.
Bobby Shively rshively@netdepot.com

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