Bob Mould

Date: Thu, 08 Apr 93 17:59:10 -0600
Sunspots by Bob Mould
E-----------------------------------------------------0-----|---0-0--- B----10SL9---9SL7---7-0-------------5SL4--0---0H2P0---5-5---|-0-5-5-0- G-----------------------4H6H7-----------------------6---6-6-|-8-6-6-8- D-----------------------------4H6H7-----------------7-----7-|-9-----9- A--9-------7-------5----------------4----2----------0-------|---4-7--- E-------------------------------------------4---------------|-7---5-7-
E---------------------------0-2-2SL4SL2---SL11-9--------------| B---------------------0-2-4----------------------12-9----9-12-| G-----------------------------------------------------11------| D-------------------------------------------------------------| A------6-7-9-9SL11SL9-----------------------------------------| E--7-9--------------------------------------------------------|
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Sunspots By Bob Mould >From Work Book
See the notes at the bottom for playing techniques!!!
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Here we go, y'all. CAPO ON THE 4th FRET!!! (unless your thumb->pinky reach is about 8 inches) All fingerings are relative to the capo.
||-----------------|--------------|---------------|-------------| ||----6\5-----5\3--|-----3--------|---------------|---1p0-------| ||-----------------|-----------0--|--0h2h3--------|----------0--| ||-----------------|--------------|--------0h2h3--|-------------| ||-5-------3-------|--1-----1-----|---------------|--0----------| ||-----------------|--------------|---------------|--------3----|
|-----------------|--------------| |-----------------|----1---------| |----4p2p0--------|------2-------| |-----------------|--------3-----| |-----------------|--------------| |--0--------------|--1-----------|
Here is the update. THESE are not the chords! They are bad imitations, but they work. I'm still working, but ya know, school and all.
hold.. 2 X 2 X |---|--------------|--------------| |---|--------------|--------------| |---|--------------|--------------| |-5-|------7-5-5---|--7-3-5-------| |-5-|------7-5-5---|--7-3-5-------| |-3-|------5-3-3---|--5-1-3-------|
And the lead (still relative to the capo) |----------------------------|--------------*-------------------| |----------------------------|------0-1-3-3/5\3-----------------| |------------h-p-------------|--0-2-----------------------------| |---------0-0-2-0------------|----------------------------------| |---0-2-3--------------------|----------------------------------| |-3--------------------------|----------------------------------| * (see my note below about this part)
|--/7--5-3-0-----0--/3--| |-------------3---------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------| |-----------------------|
--------- --------- Okay, now for the final notes: 1.) To make this song sound right, play those 1st 2 measures this way: Just pluck the first two notes (I actually prefer to play this part with only my thumb and index finger) but MUTE the bass note as you slide down. You do not want this note sounding. No need to get drastic about it, just kill the tone JUST before sliding.
2.) Play all of the hammer-on parts FAST. This is the best way to play any fill of this sort. If you feel you are playing this TOO fast, make sure to add a compensory silence following the fill. Trust me, it will sound ok. The latter silence balances the feel.
3.) I would not suggest fingering the last measure as a barre chord. It's just too damned hard, and not neccessary at all. And don't use your thumb. Try index finger - bass then DOWN middle finger on the high 2 string.
4.) While I'm on the topic of fingering, I must point out: when I first played this song, I couldn't get it through my head how to finger the first two measures. So, let's notmake the same mistake, eh? Index finger - bass note, ring finger - treble. Do not attempt to pull off these notes rather than slide. It sounds horrid.
5.) Still wanna get those chords right. E-mail me with help.
6.) About the * part above: to make it sound right, make sure you start the slide [string 2: |----3/5\3---| ] with your FIRST (index) finger. Much easier, and it cuts down the akwardness of the thing. Ok, I'm done. Have fun, yeee HAW!

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