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Take me back

Van Halen

[2 versions]
Take Me Back (Deja Vu) Van Halen (Balance)
Transcribed by: Bob Brockman (brockman@udavxb.oca.udayton.edu)
Intro. Part 1 (Strum) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
D A/D Am/D G (2x) e|---2----0----0--------| B|---3----2----1----3---| G|---2----2----2----0---| D|---0----0----0----0---| A|----------------------| E|----------------------|
Intro. Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
e|------------------2---------------------------0-----| B|------------------3-------------------------3---2---| G|------------------2-------------------------2---2---| D|---------------0--0--2~-0-0-----------------2---2---| A|---------0--2----------------------0--2-p0--0---0---| E|---0--2----------------------0--2-------------------|
e|------------------2---------------------------------| B|------------------3-------------------------3-3-2---| G|------------------2-------------------------2-2-2---| D|---------------0--0--2~-0-0-----------------2-2-2---| A|---------0--2----------------------0--2-p0--0-0-0---| E|---0--2----------------------0--2-------------------|
Verse 1 ~~~~~~~ D G A D A G i thought i saw you from a distance D G A Asus4 A i swore i'd found you once again D G A D A G touched on that feeling for an instance D G A Asus4 A could not recall where or when, oh no
Verse 2 ~~~~~~~ D G A D A G some desert island off morocco D G A Asus4 A we had a love so hard to find D G A D A G oh so full of life, so free and easy G D/F# Em A another place, another time, oh
Chorus ~~~~~~ G D G D/F# Asus4 A take me back G D G D/F# Asus4 A i wanna be there with you G D G D/F# Asus4 A it happened just like that yeah G D G D/F# Asus4 A slip in a dream or two G D Asus4 A F#m come on, take me back, oh, deja vu
Bridge 1 ~~~~~~~~ F#m Bm (through in Bsus2 also) one soul, one mind F#m D one light that shines F#m G one love so fine D A oh, come on, take me back
Verse 3 ~~~~~~~ D G A D A G some call it fate, some superstition D G A Asus4 A some call it luck, it's all the same D G A D A G just one of the mysteries of creation
G D/F# Em A somethin' you feel but can't explain
Chorus ~~~~~~ G D G D/F# Asus4 A oh, take me back G D G D/F# Asus4 A i wanna be there with you G D G D/F# Asus4 A it happened just like that, baby G D G D/F# Asus4 A i've fallin' deep into
Bridge 2 ~~~~~~~~ C G oh girl, come on C D i want you to take me there F C D A oh, i know, i know, i know, i know....
Chorus ~~~~~~ G D G D/F# Asus4 A take me back G D G D/F# Asus4 A i wanna be there with you G D G D/F# Asus4 A it happened just like that yeah G D G D/F# Asus4 A slip in a dream or two G D Asus4 A come on, take me back, oh, deja vu ~~ Outro starts right here...
Outro ~~~~~ First repeat strummed section of intro (Part 1 above). Then:
e|----------|----------|--------------|---------------| B|--5^--3-3-|--5^--3-3-|--5^--3-3-<3>-|--5^--3-3-<3>--| G|--3^--3-3-|--2^--2-2-|--3^--3-3-----|--3^--2-2------| D|----------|----------|--------------|---------------| A|----------|----------|--------------|---------------| E|----------|----------|--------------|---------------|
e|--------------|---------------|-----------|------------------10--| B|--5^--3-3-<3>-|--5^--3-3-<3>--|--5^--3-3--|--3--5--5^6-5--3--10--| G|--3^--3-3-----|--2^--2-2------|--3^--3-3--|--2--3--3^4-3--2---9--| D|--------------|---------------|-----------|-------------------0--| A|--------------|---------------|-----------|----------------------| E|--------------|---------------|-----------|----------------------|
TAKE ME BACK Van Halen tabbed by dsale@jax.jaxnet.com http://jax.jaxnet.com/~dsale
Ok,i tabbed this as best as i could, from my live jacksonville disc.I figure why try to reproduce the studio version, just get Ed doing it live and play it like that.The whole thing isn't here, just everything before the verses start.The verses are just D,G and A anywayz, but ill finish it someday.
----5-5-5---5-----5--5---3-3---3-3-------------------------------------- -7--7-7-5-5-6---6-6--6---5-5-5-3-3-------------------------------------- -7--7-7-7-6-5---5-5--5---5---5-5-4-------------------------------------- -0----0---0-0---0-0--0---0----------0-0-0-0-0-0------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------0----------- ------------------3-----3--3-------3---------------------3-----2-------- ------------------2-----0--0-------2---------------------2-----2-------- ------------------0-----0--2~~~p0--0---------------------2-----2-------- -----------0h2p0---------------------------0-----2p0-----0-----0-------- 0h2--3--------------------------------0h2-------------------------3-----
--------------------------------------------------------0--------------- -----------------------3----3--3------3--------------3----3--2---------- ---2-------------------2----0--0------2--------------2-------2---------- ---2-------------------0----0--2~~~p0-0--------------2-------2---------- ---0------------0h2p0------------------------0-2p0---0-------0---------- ^---------0h2-3---------------------------0h2---------------------------

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