First Fall Of Snow-crd

Hank Williams

Subject: Hank William's Sr. - First Fall Of Snow
Submitted By Mike Menton
Hank Williams Sr. - First Fall Of Snow
(D)I talked with a stranger, so sad and for(G)lorn, His garments were(A) sackloth, All tattered and(D) torn, He told me a story, Of sorrow and(G)woe, His heart went to(D)heaven, At the(A) first fall of(D)snow.
(D)He spoke of his angel, A dear baby(G)girl, He loved every(A) footstep, he loved every(D) curl,
But she went to heaven, Just one year(G) ago, The angels came(D) for her, At the(A) first fall of(D) snow.
(D)He still had the dolly, that she used to(G) love, He held and(A) caressed it, and gazed up(D) above, He whispered my baby, you're waiting I(G) know, I'll bring you your(D) dolly, at the(A) first fall of(D) snow.
(D)And there as I listened, my eyes filled with(G) tears, I knew she was(A) part of, his happier(D) years, His frail body trembled, he spoke soft and(G) low, I'll be with my(D) baby, at the(A) first fall of(D) snow.
(D)I patted his shoulder, my feelings to(G) hide, He couldn't(A) know, I was crying(D) inside, He smiled as we parted, cause he didn't(G) know, That we lost our(D) baby, at the(A) first fall of(D) snow.

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