Face On Cutting Room Floor-crd

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

1. She's   history; no one would give her a star on the wall
2. It's no mystery; acted in school at the tenderest age
3. Up in Hollywood, stayed with an agent she met in a bar
4. Instrumental to VERSE chords
5. Goodbye Hollywood; leavin' tonight on a 2:30 'Hound
1. She'd have a hundred if pillows could talk
2. Lit up the room when she stepped on the stage
3. Laughed when he told her he'd make her a star
4. (Instru.)
5. Sunrise on sunset she won't be around. They'll re-
1. Where have I seen her before? She's a face on the cutting room floor
2. Came to L.A. for some more, she's a face on the cutting room floor
3. Where had she heard that before? A little face on the cutting room floor
4. (Instru.)
5. place her with so many more, she's a face on the cutting room floor
(last verse, repeat & fade)
1. -> goto verse 2. 
2. She had visions of contracts and thousands of people in line to see her
3. -> goto verse 4.
4. One night he told her that she'd never get anywhere in her clothes
2. Knocking on door after door, after all of this time
4. He said, "That's what it takes to play movieland musical chairs"
2. She's not sure. -> verse 3.
4. Now she knows. It's... -> verse 5
Mark R. Young

C D D7 Eb Em G
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