Momma Im A Cowboy-crd

Red Steagall

Subject: Momma I'm a cowboy (Red Steagell)
(D) Theres nothing left but ashes (Em) The fire is gone for good (A7) I'm trapped here in this cabin (G) To cold to go for (D)wood So I thought I'd write a letter (Em) Let you know that i'm okay (A7) Though my leg still hurts a little (G) From a bad spill yester(D)day (D7)(G) Dear momma (A7) I'm a cowboy (D) And I know that breaks your (G) heart All (A7) the things they wrote about me Must of (G) torn your world (A7) apart So (G) momma please forgive (A7) me Though (D) I drove you near (G) insane I (A7) never killed nobody (G) I never robbed that (D) train

(D) We found him in the springtime (Em) At the table where he died (A7) Tears had stained the letter (G) When he bowed his head and (D) cried We all just bawled like babies (Em) As we read it one by one (A7) And thought about our own mommas (G) All the things we'd left (D) undone
This last verse is spoken
(D) Then we rolled him in his blanket (EM) And as the boy's all gathered round (A7) I read his letter one more time (G) Then we lowered him into the (D)ground (D7) (G) Repeat chorus;

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Roan (report comment to admin):
the chords aren't just exactly right on this song.