Shes My Kind Of Rain-crd

Tim McGraw

Subject: "She's my Kind of Rain" by Tim McGraw
I know this is by no means perfect; I merely wrote out the chords as best I could figure by listening to the CD. Any changes are appreciated.
"She's my kind of Rain" Written by Tommy Lee James and Robin Lerner Recorded by Tim McGraw from his CD "Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors"
Verse 1 (C)She's my kind of rain (G)Like love in a drunken sky (Am)She's confetti falling(F) down all night (C)She sits quietly there, (G)black water in a jar (Am)Says baby why are you (F)trembling like you are
So I (G)wait and I try I con(C)fess like a (F)child
Chorus (F)She's my kind of (C)rai-(G)ai-(F)ain (F)Like love from a drunken (C)(G)sky-y-(F)y
(F)Confetti falling (C)(G)down all(F) night She's my kind of (C)rain
(C)She's the sunset's shadows (G)She's like Rembrandt's light (Am)She's the history that's (F)made at night (C)She's my lost companion (G)She's my dreaming tree (Am)Together in this brief (F)eternity
Summer (G)days, winter snow She's all(C) things to be(F)hold
Repeat Chorus
So I (G)wait and I try I con(C)fess all my crimes
Repeat Chorus twice
She's my kind of rain
Oh-oh-oh, rain on me
She's my kind of rain

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