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What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?  Frank Loesser

[C]Maybe it's much too [A#7]early in the game,
[C]ah, but I thought I'[C7]d   [F]ask you just the [Fm]same
[C]what are you [Am7]doing [D7]New [D7#5]Year'[D9]s,
[G9]New Year's[G9#5] Eve[C]?

[C]Wonder whose arms will [A#]hold you good and tight,
[C]when it's exactly[C7]     [F]twelve o'clock that [Fm]night,
[C]welcoming [Am7]in the [D7]new[D7#5]     [D9]year,
[G]New [Dm9]Year's[G7b9]         E[C]ve.  [B7b9]         [Em]  

[Em]Maybe I'm [Em7]crazy [A7]to sup[Cm]pose [F9]        [Em]
[Em]I'd ever be the [Am]one you [F9]chose  [Em]
[Em]out of the thousand invi[A7]tations [D7]you'll [D9]re   [G7]ceive [Gdim7] [G7]

[C]ah, but in case I [A#7]stand one little chance,
[C]here comes the jackpot[C7]      [F]question in advan[Fm]ce,
[C]what are you [Am7]doing [D7]New[D7#5] Y[D9]ear's,
[G9]New[Dm9] Ye[G7b9]ar's E[C]ve?  [F] [C]