Radiohead - Gagging Order

Tabbed by Luke Wilde and Mr. Brown
Was supprised there were no fitting tabs for this song out there. So I've been busting for the last few hours trying to figure it out. Also this is the 1st tab I've done, so format might be weird for you. Dunno how Thom came up with this number, the tuning is well strange.
First you have to tune your guitar up to:
e C# A D A D
To get that tuning you have to tune the B and G strings up 2 notes and the low E down 2:
Tune the B to the 6th on the G Then the G to the 7th on the D
(I cringed when I was doing this, had no clue if the strings could take the strain, but they can, so its all good.)
To tune drop D, easiest way is to play harmonics on the 7th on the E then on the 12th on A, then get the ringing to stop.
Then slap on a capo at the 1st fret and your ready.
(all notes relative to capo)
Oh and one more thing. The rythem thom uses is just plain crazy, I'd be here years if I to tab that, so im just gonna give you the main parts of the song, you'll have to listen improvise the rest.
bit 1:
e:|--------------------------------| B:|-----0------1p0---3p0----1p0----| G:|-----0--0---0---0-----0--0------| D:|--------------------------------| A:|---0------0---------------------| E:|--------------------------------|
Note: After the intro, it sounds good to add a finger to the 2nd fret of the D string when playing this riff
bit 2:
e:|-------------------000--------------------| B:|--------------0-00-000---------------0-0--| G:|--------------0-00-000---------------0-0--| D:|----2p0-2/4---4-44-444--2h4p0---0h2--2-2--| A:|---------------------------------------0--| E:|------------------------------------------| ^ ^ insert dodgy rythem here bit 3:
e:|--------------------0-----000-----------------| B:|-------0------------0-----000-000--------0-0--| G:|-------0-0----------------000-000--------0-0--| D:|-2p0-2/4---4----0h4/7-----444-444--0h2---2-2--| A:|-----------------------------------0----------| E:|----------------------------------------------| ^ insert dodgy rythem here bit 4:
e:|---------------------------------------------| B:|---*-0-----0-------0-----*----------0--------| G:|---*-0-0---0--0----0---0-*----------0--------| D:|---------------------------------------------| A:|------------------------------------------0--| E:|--4------2--------0---------11-11-11--11-----|
*for these notes, Thom never plays it neatly, just roughly hit these and it sounds ok.*
bit 5:
e:|----------------------0----------| B:|-----0------1p0---3---3--3-------| G:|-----0--0---0---0-----0--0-------| D:|----------------------2--4--0h2--| A:|---0------0-----------0--0-------| E:|---------------------------------| ^ insert dodgy rythm here
finish bit:
e:|------------| B:|------0-----| G:|------0-----| D:|------2-----| A:|------0-----| E:|------------|
bit 1 bit 1 bit 2 bit 1 (endtended picking) bit 2 bit 1 (endtended picking)
-Verse 1-
bit 2 bit 1 bit 1 I know what you're thinking, But I'm not your property
bit 3 bit 1 bit 1 No matter what you say, No matter what you say
bit 4 bit 1 bit 1 Move along, there's nothing left to see
bit 4 bit 1 bit 1 Just a body, nothing left to see
bit 2 bit 1 bit 1
-Verse 2-
bit 2 bit 1 bit 1 A couple more for breakfast, A little more for tea bit 2 bit 1 bit 1 Just to take the edge off, Just to take the edge off
bit 4 bit 1 bit 1 Move along, there's nothing left to see bit 4 bit 1 bit 1 Just a body, pouring down the street bit 4 bit 1 bit 1 Move along, theres nothing left to see bit 4 bit 1 Just a body, nothing left to see
bit 5 bit 1 bit 1 bit 3 bit 1 bit 1
for bit 4 here, dont play the 11 on the low D, when you get to that part play weird with all strings open including the D
bit 4

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