Foo Fighters

.Foo Fighthers :Song: Miracle Album: In your Honor ?(acoustic) AMAZING DOUBLE ALBUM
first tab ever so be gentle. Tabbed by: justin. questions comments chowda01@hotmail.com
I'm not really sure on these chord names so i just put the chords they were derived from. None of that sus2, add9 bull***
Intro (strum these chords/....listen for timing)
e---0-----0------0------2p0---0-------0---------------- b---3-----3------3------3-3---3-------3------------- g---2-----2------0------2-2---2-------0-------------- d---0------------0------0-0-----------0------------ a----------------2--------------------2----------- e---------2------3------------2-------3------------- D F#/D G D F#/D G
(1)Verse e---2p0---0------0------2p0---0-------0---------------- b---3-3---3------3------3-----3-------3------------- g---2-2---2------0------2-----2-------0-------------- d---0-0----------0------0-------------0------------ a----------------2--------------------2----------- e---------2------3------------2-------3-------------
then it does a transition from b-a-e
e-----0-----------0---------------------------- b-----3-----3-----0------------------------------ g-----2-----2-----1------------------------------- d-----------2-----2----------------------------- a-----2-----0-----2----------------------------- e-----------------0----------------------------- b a e

e-----2----3-----2---- b-----2----3-----3---- g-----3----0-----2---- d-----4----0-----0---- (2x) a-----4----2----------- e-----2----3---------- F# G D Hands on a miracle I got my hands on a miracle Leave it or not.
then e-----2----3-----0---- b-----2----3-----0---- g-----3----0-----1---- d-----4----0-----2---- (1x) a-----4----2-----2------ e-----2----3-----0----- hands on a miracle And there ain't no way Let you take it away
lYRICS Crazy but I'm relieved this time Begging for sweet relief of blessing empty sky
Dying behind these tired eyes I've been loosing sleep Please come to me Tonight
Hands on a miracle I got my hands on a miracle Leave it or not, hands on a miracle And there ain't no way Let you take it away
Everything that we survived It's gonna be alright Just lucky we're alive Got no vision I've been blind Searching every way you're right here in my sights

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