Riot Girl

Good Charlotte

Artist: Good Charlotte Song: Riot Girl Album:The Young and the Hopeless tabbed by punkrocker E-mail:
I'm not sure if this is completely right but it sounds ok so if it doesn't sound right just move it around the guitar till it's perfect. here you go
e ----------|------------------------------ B ----------|------------------------------ G --88-9-11-|--999-88888--6P4-4--6P4-4--6-4
D --88-9-11-|--999-99999--4-4-4--4-4-4--4-4 A --66-7-9--|------------------------------ E ----------|------------------------------ *play that second part three times then play this down here
e ------------------------- B ------------------------- G --999-88888---88-9-11---- D --999-99999---88-9-11---- A --------------66-7-9----- E ------------------------- *then play that once
You play the intro as many times as needed when ever needed. hope that helps out. if you have any questions email me. seeya

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