Artist - Massive Attack Track - Angel (Mezzanine) Tabbed by Matthew Tye (brought to mxtabs by americana1986)
all credit to Matthew Tye
K, so it's fairly easy just incase; This is what stuff means. / = Slide up \ = Slide down X = muted string
First here's the bass part which is the same through the whole song. You can play it where it suits you, either as shown or starting on the A# on A.
G------------------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------- E---6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-8-----------------------------------------------
There's mainly samples during the verses, which you can get if you use a lot of delay + reverb etc perhaps an E-bow and a slide if you have one. The first guitar part, which comes in after the vocals stop the first time, is played like this a few times through before fading out. (after the line "Bring me love") It then comes in again after the line "Neutralize every man in sight"
e-------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------------------------- A---15--15--15--15--etc---------------------------------------------- E--------------------------------------------------------------------
Then the second, distorted guitar part comes in after the previous part has built up for a while, after the line "Love ya" is repeated a bunch of times.
e-------------------------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------------------------- G--------5/-10---17\-8---5/-10---------------------------------------
D---10---5/-10---17\-8---5/-10--------------------------------------- A---10---3/-8----15\-6---3/-8---------------------------------------- E---8----------------------------------------------------------------
The first time through you can kinda just play it like that, let the chords ring out but the second time you kinda have to pick at it, I suppose improvise and kinda hack at the chords, just hit random notes and stuff, you've heard the song so you know what I mean, make it sound messy. After the first time through there's this fill.
e-------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------- G---17\-X-X-X-X---17-17\-X-X-X--17\---- D---17\-X-X-X-X---17-17\-X-X-X--17\---- A---15\-X-X-X-X---15-15\-X-X-X--15\---- E-------X-X-X-X---------X-X-X----------
Then after the second it just plays the high C; e-------- B-------- G---17--- D---17--- A---15--- E--------
Then again in the verse there's just a heap of effects, lots of delay, reverb, just kinda ambient noises etc.
Then after the line "Come from way above" the guitar comes in and follows the bass
e-------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------- D---8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-10----------------- A---8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-10----------------- E---6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-8------------------
Then after a while another guitar comes in and plays the higher octave of that part, starting on the 13th fret on the A string, can't be arsed to tab it out, then after a while again just play the high c on 15 on the A string, which I also can't be arsed to write down now..... you're probably not an idiot, so I'm sure you'll work it

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