Topic: AUDIOBOX USB recording system by PreSonus

AUDIOBOX USB 2x2 recording system by PreSonus
uses Cubase LE 4 music production software

Bought this system about a year ago.
Had it working then dropped it for a few months, went back to play with it again and can't for the life of me figure out how to record a track now. The program is pretty complex. Just wanted something simple to record decent quality on the laptop.
If anybody is familiar with this system and has some suggestions for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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mike this is a link to a pdf manual for this gear just click on the link that says pdf and you can view it online or print pages from it I think theres a download to smile … oductId=53

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Russell, I checked out the site, pretty cool video nice slide guitar and shows that I can run it over with a truck.  I have the manuals for it but they pretty much suck BUT! I never installed some user software the web page refers to so I'll be trying that shortly.  Thanks

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ahaa! by user software are you referring to a recording program that lets you transfer your songs to the pc for upload?  if so check out the free Audacity program, I have several free video tutorials on how to use it on the link below smile

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Cubase software is good stuff, but Audacity is a little more "user friendly" for starting out.  Don't give up on the Cubase though as it has a lot of functionality if you can get past the learning curve.

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If you having problems getting sound on cubase check the following:

1. That you have installed the drivers for the presonus interface you are using.

2. That you have set the presonus device as your VST Audio system. To do that

   a) Click [Devices] in the top level menu
   b) Select [ Device Setup ] from the drop down menu
   c) The device setup window will now appear and you should click on [ VST Audio System ] in the left panel.
   d) Now select [Presonus] as your ASIO driver. I dont use presonus so can only presume that is how it will appear. and I also presume no further settings need to be changed in this area.
   e) Click [ OK ] to confirm and this windo will close.

3. Now you need to set up your VST connections so that cubase can identify the various input channels. In your case there are probably 2 incoming channels and cubase needs to be able to differentiate between them.
   a) Click [Devices] in the top level menu
   b) Select [ VST Connections ] in the drop down menu.
   c) The VST Connections window will now appear. This window has two tabs, [INPUT] and [OUTPUT] tabs. Lets do the output one first. Click on the [OUTPUT] tab.
   d) If Presounus does not show under the heading Audio Device, chnage this setting so that it does.
   e) Now click the cross next to Stereo Out unde the first column entitled [ Bus Name ].
   f) This will split the Bus into two chanells, left and right. Under the heading [Device Port] ensure the settings read Out_Left and Out_Right. If not change these settings.
   g) Now click on the [INPUTS] tab and we will set up the input for your two presonus channels.
   h) Click [Add Bus] and select Mono.
   i) A new channel, [Mono In] will now appear. You can change the name by double clicking [Mono In] and giving it a name of your liking. You will be setting upo two of these channels. I have a USB 8 mixer so I have 8 channels permanently set up and connected to various instruments so mine are called [ Mic 1 ], [ Condenser ], [ Les Paul ], [ Takamine ], [ Bass ], [ Keyboard] etc...

   j) Close the VST connections window, and you should now be set up for all your future Cubase Projects.

4. Now start a new cubase project. And set up the tracks you will be using. I have a blank project set up using all of my normal tracks, drums, midi, vocals, lead, rhythym, bass etc and have it saved as a template. This way each time I start a new project I dont have to set up the tracks. To set up the various tracks for the first time perform the following for each track....

   a) Right click the dark vertical panel in the working area and select [ Add Audio Track ] from the popup menu.
   b) A new track will appear in your project. Click the (e) button which stands for Edit Channel Settings.
   c) On the right side of the Channel Settings window, directly above the vertical volume slider there are two routing options. Input routing and output routing. Click the input routing option and you will see the two settings you configured earlier using the VST connections. You can now select which of the two presonus inputs you want this track of your project to listen to. The output routing should be ok, normally just stereo out.
   d) You can now close your Channel settings window.
   e) There is a small speaker button on the trackcontrols panel that you can use to toggle the sound on and off.

Once you have set all of tracks up save it as a template for future project use. You can set as many tracks as you need to each VST input connection, but you are limited by presonus to only two simultaneous recording channels at any one time. I would suggest having one set to intrument and the other to microphone. That way you can leave you mic permanently hooked up to one chanenel and set all of your guitar, bass, keyboards etc.. to the instrument channel.

Thats all there is to it and once you have completed this it should be a breeze for the future.

If you strike any problems just repost, Ill have a look and see if you need more help.



As always I hope you enjoy my musical journey as much as I do.