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Topic: Blues Song

Jim Kenyon   2012   
{t: The All Alone, Feeling Blue Train }

[Em]  My Baby’s walking out, yeah she’s leaving today
[Am]  it looks like that’s where she gonna
[Em]  stay
[C7]  She ain’t comin’ [B7] back, no  she’s stayin  [EM]  away

[EM]   I’m riding on that all alone , feeling blue train
[Am]   Oh it hurts real bad And  I’m feeling  the
[EM]   pain
[C7]   It was cloudy day for  [B7]  love , but  now it starting to [EM]   rain

[EM]   No Kissing, no hugging,   nothing of that kind
[Am]   Should of seen it coming,  oh, I must of
[EM]   been blind
[C7]  And now I’m so [B7] down I think I’m losing my
[EM]   mind

[EM]   I’m sitting here looking at my empty bed
[Am]  Wondering bout what it was that I should’ve
[EM]   said
[C7]   was there something I could have [B7 ]done, to make you stay
In  [EM]   stead
Repeat 2nd stanza

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