1 Sticky, Closed: Recordings without lyrics and chords

by arkady

2 Sticky, Closed: Poems are not Songs

by James McCormick ( Pages 1 2 )

3 Sticky, Closed: How to Post Original Song to Songwriting Forum!

by James McCormick

6 The plan

by Grah1

7 So Many Angels

by easybeat

8 Happiness

by neophytte

9 New Member

by Shaggy451

10 Tomorrow Maybe

by easybeat

11 There Goes Santa Claus

by Tenement Funster

12 Dark The Night

by Russell_Harding

14 Feels like heaven

by neophytte

16 Eighty Six Questions

by easybeat

20 Close Your Eyes


23 Elusive Truth

by easybeat

26 Happy

by jets60

27 The Visit

by jets60

28 It Takes Two


29Moved: my song- When it ends

by Tonny91

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