1 Sticky, Closed: Recordings without lyrics and chords

by arkady

2 Sticky, Closed: Poems are not Songs

by James McCormick ( Pages 1 2 )

3 Sticky, Closed: How to Post Original Song to Songwriting Forum!

by James McCormick

7 New song idea.

by beamer

8 Drive into the Sun

by deadeye

9 dreaming bout a dream

by Phill Williams

12Moved: A Note To ALL My Incredibly Talented Friends

by Strummerboy Bill

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15 Misty morning blue

by neophytte

16 Song Of Regret

by easybeat

20 Kisses on the Roundabout

by Phill Williams ( Pages 1 2 )

21 this small town

by easybeat


by beamer

23 Notice to all Songwriters

by Roger Guppy

24 song test

by Roger Guppy

28 Throw Away The Swords


30 sad song tonight

by mojo01