Topic: missing colleauge

looking for ddsmith in corvallis, its justasinger on the north coast, please get in touch

old ovation player on the oregon coast looking for a new ovation player in corvallis, you havent missed the wedding

Re: missing colleauge

Greetings and done my friend.

Still pickin' and on the road....  got wrangled into being a judge at a singing contest the other night (a real kick for a change of pace), put on my cleanest "Simon Cowell T-Shirt" and have a greater understanding of how difficult it is to do that job.  My first question was (naturally) "Have you frisked the contestants on the way in?".

Good fun but really could have put "the Gong" to use if one was available....

Take Care;

"what is this quintessence of dust?"  - Shakespeare