Topic: The Show Ponies

Hey everyone! I'm new to chordie and relatively new to guitar.

Came across this fantastic bluegrass band, "The Show Ponies" and I'd love if someone could tell me the chords to "Baby I'm in Love With You"

I'm too inexperienced to be able to pick out what they're playing with all the fiddling and etc. but I love their sound!

Also, any other chords for their songs would be appreciated!


Re: The Show Ponies

Man like you I cannot hear the progression.  Did notice that they kind of lean heavy on a C E7 F G progression in some of their music and that may be a common pattern in that genre.  I would look up tunes similar and note the most common key signatures, and mess around with them to see if something clicks.

I might be that the key is fixed by the fiddle that is dominant to their music..... sorry I can't be more helpful.

Take Care, and Welcome to Chordie!!

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