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28 Days

"28 Days" are a punk rock band from Frankston, Australia. They have had a #1 album (''Upstyledown'') on the Australian ARIAnet Albums Chart and also a #12 single ("Rip It Up") on the ARIAnet Singles Chart. Around the same time they released the video "When Dickheads Snap" with tour shots, and the general 28D life. They've also had to go through the death of drummer Scott Murray in 2001, and released ''Say What?'', collaborating with Apollo 440. Then they released the follow-up to ''Upstyledown'', this being ''Stealing Chairs'' with drums by Vinnie Jukic. In 2004, they released a new single "Like I Do" (Drums by Matt Bray), off the album Extremist Makeover. One of their songs, "Sucker", was featured in some editions of the soundtrack to ''Mission: Impossible II'' in 2000.

The new EP (''Bring 'Em Back'') was released on March 6 2006; ''When Dickheads Snap 3'' will also be released at that time. There is a currently a limited edition version of WDS3 available at 28 Days shows.

The members are Jay Dunne (vocals), Simon Hepburn "Hep" (guitar), Damian Gardiner (bass), Jedi Master Jay (turntables, samples) and Adrian Griffin (drums). Jedi Master Jay and Scott Murray jo...

years active 1997–present
origin Frankston, Australia
music genre Punk Rock/hip hop music
current members Jay Dunne
Damian Gardiner
Simon Hepburn
Jay (Jedi) Howard
Adrian Griffin (drummer)
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source: Wikipedia