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A Perfect Murder

"''A Perfect Murder"'' is a metalcore/groove metal band formed in Montreal, Canada in 2000 and are currently signed to Victory Records.

* Francois Michel Labrie - Bass

* Kyrill Ducharme - Rhythm Guitar

* Yan Chausse - Drums

* Sebastion Gagnon - Guitar

* Carl Bouchard - Vocals

* ''Strength Through Vengeance'' (2005)

* ''Rehearsal'' (''EP'') (2005)

* ''Unbroken'' (2004)

* ''Cease to Suffer'' (2003)

* ''Blood Covered Words'' (''EP'') (2001)

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Perfect Murder (band), A

Perfect Murder (band), A

Perfect Murder (band

years active 2000 - present
status active
country Montreal, Quebec, Canada
music genre Metalcore, Hardcore, Groove Metal
current members Francois Michel Labrie
Dave Bayreuther
Yan Chausse
Carl Bouchard
Kevin Randal
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia