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A Static Lullaby

"A Static Lullaby" is a metalcore/emo band formed in Chino Hills, California in 2001. Their sound consists of intense distorted or screaming vocals countered with melodic singing. They are known for their heavy guitar lines and fast drums.

A Static Lullaby signed a contract with Ferret Records in 2002, and went on to create their first album called, "...And Don't Forget To Breathe."

Their music style is often very similar to bands like From Autumn To Ashes and Underoath. They are well known for their explosive on-stage antics. Their latest album, "Faso Latido" denotes a change in sound for the band, yet still in keeping with their much harsher sounding roots.

A Static Lullaby recently lost three of their original five band mates. Joe and Dan are the only remaining two, and are deciding to continue the band. So far they added Johnny Death on guitar, Dane Poppin on bass and are now looking for a drummer. Joe and Dan are currently writing for the next ASL album even though Faso Latido was just a year ago.

The new demos are featured on their Myspace page. The two new demos are currently titled "Hang 'Em High" and "The Art of Sharing..."

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