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Abandoned Pools

"Abandoned Pools" is the performing name for singer-songwriter and musician "Tommy Walter" (born October 30 1968 in Pasadena, California), as well as the name of the band in which he plays. He began playing music at a young age, first with the bass guitar and then the French horn. He attended University of Southern California, followed by the Pacific University. Teaching classical music theory, Walter began working with various Los Angeles-area musicians.

Walter soon began working with a singer-songwriter who went by E and drummer Butch Norton as The Eels. After a promising debut, Walter left the band due to differences with E. He formed a short-lived band, Tely, who released a CD that was distributed on the internet. He was also in the touring band for the Ken Andrews solo project ON, though in the end the band saw little touring. Later he went on to form Abandoned Pools and recorded a solo album, ''Humanistic'', in 2001. Humanistic actually features a couple of songs that were once performed by Tely, like "Start Over."

In 2002 they performed the theme song for the short-lived MTV animated series Clone High. Many of their songs can be heard in the background duri...

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