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Pedro Abrunhosa

"Pedro Abrunhosa" (born in Porto, Portugal, December 20, 1960) is a Portuguese singer, musician and songwriter. Aside from his music, he is known for always wearing sunglasses in public. Abrunhosa also played himself in the 1999 film ''La Lettre''.

After studying at the Ruvina Music School, in 1972 he began his musical studies at the Music School of Porto, under the guidance of Professors Álvaro Salazar and Jorge Peixinho, in the subjects of Analysis, Composition, and History of Music, having already started his studies in double bass. (He has often been approached by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation to attend and participate in the Meetings of Contemporary Music in that same institution.)

Once admitted into the "Conservatório de Música do Porto", he studied musical composition under the direction of Professor Cândido Lima. At that time, he was invited to take part in the Madrid Contemporary Music Group, under the direction of Spanish composer Enrique X. Macias. This gave him the opportunity to take part in a series of shows both in Portugal and Spain. In 1981, he received a diploma for the Courses of Musical Pedagogy from Polish Professor Jos Wuytack.

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