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"Acceptance" was an alternative rock band from Seattle, Washington. The EP The Lost Words appeared in 1999, months before guitarist DeCastro decided to leave the band to pursue his own trail. It was after the band's last gig with DeCastro that Garrett, who replaced him, offered to join Acceptance. After the lineup change, Acceptance continued to tour intensively, playing opening concerts for crews such as The Juliana Theory, Element 101 and Bleach. In 2003, Acceptance returned with their EP, Black Lines to Battlefields. Their latest album is Phantoms. Acceptance did many months of touring, including The Truckstops and Statelines Tour with Panic! At the Disco, hellogoodbye and headliners The Academy Is....

In The Sims 2: University, on the College Rock Station, "This Conversation Is Over" is featured. Naturally, it has been redone in Sims gibberish.

Acceptance broke up in the summer of 2006. Jason has chosen to live the life of a "common man". The rest of the band is already working on two new projects. One project consists of Nick Radovanovic, Ryan Zwiefelhofer, and Christian McAlhaney. The other project consists of Kaylan Cloyd and other unnamed musicians. The album th...

years active 1998–2006
status Active
country Seattle, Washington, United States
music genre Alternative rock
current members Jason Vena
Christian McAlhaney
Kaylan Cloyd
Ryan Zwiefelhofer
Nick Radovanovic
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia