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Ace Troubleshooter

"Ace Troubleshooter"—often called "''Ace"'' by members and fans alike—was a Christian pop-punk band signed to Tooth & Nail Records. According to John Warne, he came up with the band's name after reading the phrase ''ace troubleshooter'' in a history book.

Ace Troubleshooter came to an abrupt end in February 2005 when lead singer John Warne left to play bass for Relient K. Toby David posted the announcement of the Ace's death on the band's message board.

The Ace Troubleshooter lineup changed several times; even Relient K drummer Dave Douglas filled in as a guitarist for a short time. Only two original members remained when the band came to an end. The final lineup follows.

*John Warne – vocals, guitar

*Toby David – guitar

*Joe Krube – bass

*Josh Abbott – drums

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| align="left" | ''Back in the Shootin' Match''

| align="center" | 1996

| align="center" | Independent


| align="left" | ''Don't Stop a Rockin"

| align="center" | 1999<...

years active 1996–2005
status Disbanded
origin Plymouth, Minnesota
country United States
music genre Pop punk
current members John Warne
Toby David
Joe Krube
Josh Abbott
past members Ben Dewey
Isaac Deaton
Dave Douglas (drummer)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia