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Adam Again

Adam Again was the name of a rock band led by vocalist Gene Eugene and backed by Riki Michele on vocals, Paul Valadez on bass, Jon Knox on drums, Greg Lawless on guitar, and Dan Michaels on saxophone.

Gene Eugene's mystical voice (often mistaken for REM's Michael Stipe) remained the least changing element in a band that seemed to have trouble feeling comfortable limited to one style. Melting soul, funk, rock and acoustic influences into its own inimitable style, Adam Again seemed to pay little attention to trends and never seemed to achieve commercial viability. The band quit touring and recording together in 2000 after Eugene died in his recording studio, the "fabulous" Green Room.

== Discography =

  • In a New World of Time (1987)
  • Ten Songs by Adam Again (1988)
  • Homeboys (1990)
  • Dig (1992)
  • Perfecta (1995)
  • Worldwide Favourites (selected songs from the Adam Again era) (1999) - Best of collection with a previously unreleased track Sleepwalk
  • A Tribute to Gene Eugene (2000) live concert recording with ...
    origin California, United States
    years active 1987 – present
    music genre Rock (music)
    current members Gene Eugene
    Riki Michele
    Paul Valadez
    Jon Knox
    Greg Lawless
    Dan Michaels
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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