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Adam Gregory

"Adam Gregory" is a country music performer. Gregory’s first album was released in 2000, and was titled “The Way I’m Made.” Gregory won a Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Country Music Recording in 2001, and the Canadian Radio Music Award for Best New Country Artist for his song “Horseshoes.” Gregory’s second album was released in 2002, and was titled “Workin’ On It.” Gregory is still recording, and his latest single is titled “Never Be Another.” Gregory is carried by the Sony Canadian record label. In 2005 Gregory was nominated for the Country Music Association’s Global Country Artist Award. In the summer of 2006, Adam released his self-titled third album containing his hit single "Get it on."

* Adam Gregory's Official Website

* Country Music Association (January 17, 2005). '' Strong Slate of International Candidates Vie For Third Annual CMA Global Country Artist Award''. Press Release.


New CD with the new song "get it on"

* An Interview with Adam Gre

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