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''This article is for the band "Adema". For the Malian political party ADEMA, see Alliance for Democracy in Mali. For the condition in the body that causes tissue swelling, see Edema.''

"Adema" is a five-piece music group from Bakersfield, California. They enjoyed moderate success during the "Nu Metal era" with their gold selling debut album, ''Adema''.

Formed in 1998, Adema began with Mark Chavez, Mike Ransom, Dave DeRoo, Tim Fluckey and Kris Kohls. Adema was the subject of a major label bidding war, eventually won out by Arista Records, The band released their first album, the self-titled ''Adema'', in the United States on August 21, 2002. The first two singles from the album, "Giving In" and "The Way You Like It", helped it sell over 600,000 copies. Following the album's initial success, the band was part of the Ozzfest Tour in 2002 – featured on the Main Stage.

The band followed up its self-titled debut with two albums that met with limited success. ''Insomniac's Dream'' (2002), an EP, sold only about 50,000 copies, while ''Unstable'' (2003) sold about 110,000. Following the release of Unstable, the ban...

Background group or band
Border white
Origin Bakersfield, California
Genre Nu Metal
Alternative Rock
Years active 1998 – Present
Current members Bobby Reeves (Vocals)
Tim Fluckey (Guitar)
Ed Faris (Guitar)
Dave DeRoo (Bass)
Kris Kohls (Drums)
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source: Wikipedia