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After Forever

"After Forever" is a Symphonic metal band from the Netherlands, which relies on the use of both soprano vocals and death grunts. Their music is also influenced by classical music and doom metal.

After Forever was originally assembled in 1995 under the name of ''Apocalyps'', playing music most oriented towards death metal. With the joining of vocalist Floor Jansen in 1997, their style shifted towards gothic-doom, in order to give emphasis to her voice. Their line-up at this point was comprised of Floor Jansen, Mark Jansen, Sander Gommans, Luuk van Gerven, Jack Driessen and Joep Beckers.

In 1999 the band begun composing songs of their own and recorded two demos - entitled ''Ephemeral'' and ''Wings of Illusion'' - which eventually drew the attention of the Transmission Records label, with whom the band signed a contract.

Their debut album ''Prison of Desire'' was recorded in 2000, featuring the guest appearance of Sharon den Adel. The album obtained expressive success in Europe. In the end of that year, drummer André Borgman and keyboardist Lando van Gils joined the band, replacing Joep Beckers and Jack Driessen.

In 2001 the album ''Decipher'' was released. Flo...

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