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Against All Authority

"Against All Authority" ''(often abbreviated "-AAA-")'' is a DIY ska-punk band. They were founded in Miami, Florida in 1992, driven by willingness to promote their message -- "questioning our economic differences and promoting our human similarities", as stated by their official site. A strong engagement in political and social issues is clearly evident in their lyrics. On an early stage, "-AAA-" decided to book concerts, make recordings and even produce band t-shirts on their own. Later they signed on independent label Hopeless Records, becoming one of their major bands. In addition to touring and recording, the band is frequently involved in demonstrations and social projects.


*''Above The Law 7"'' (1994)

*''Destroy What Destroys You'' (1995)

*''Live at the Fireside Bowl'' (1995)

*''-AAA- & The Pist split 7"'' (1996)

*''-AAA- & Anti-Flag split 7"'' (1997)

*''All Fall Down'' (1998)

*''The Exchange'' split with The Criminals (1999)

*''24 Hour Roadside Resistance'' (2000)

*''Nothing New for Trash Like You'' (2001)

*''Common Rider/Against All Authority Split'' (2005)

*''The Restoration Of Chaos & Order'' (2006)

*Operation: Punk Rock Freedom (2...

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