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"Agalloch" is an American atmospheric folk metal and experimental band formed in 1996 in Portland, Oregon.

Disenchanted and frustrated with the confines of their previous projects, Agalloch began as the creation of John Haughm and Shane Breyer. In early 1996, songs began to be produced by the duo and, during the summer, Don Anderson was added to the band to further refine the material. These songs would later become the ''From Which of This Oak'' demo tape in the autumn of that year. This recording showed a large amount of black metal influence, with an amount of material which would later appear on subsequent albums in one form or another. Shortly after the recording, Jason William Walton was added to the line up as bassist.

In 1998, the three recorded a new promotional tape solely for labels. It caught the attention of The End Records, who offered them a record contract, resulting in the ''Pale Folklore'' album. The album features less of a black metal influence than before, many totally reworked demo songs, more folk elements and neoclassical interludes. The album was met with much critical acclaim. After the recording was complete, Breyer departed from the band lin...

years active 1996–present
status Active
origin Portland, Oregon
music genre Folk metal
Black metal
Doom metal
Gothic metal
Experimental music
current members Don Anderson
John Haughm
Jason William Walton
Chris Greene
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia