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Agony Scene

< Image with unknown copyright status removed: frame|right|These are the current members of The Agony Scene -->The Agony Scene is a metalcore band from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, whose musical style is a combination of thrash metal and hardcore. The band has released two albums, one on Solid State Records and the other on Roadrunner Records, their current label. Since Solid State records is generally considered to be a Christian music label, some people have assumed The Agony Scene to be a Christian band. The band has since confirmed in an interview with HM magazine that they are not a Christian band.

==Band members=

  • Mike Williams - Vocals
  • Chris Emmons - Guitar
  • Brian Hodges - Guitar
  • Brian Stewart - Bass

  • Jacob Hacker, aka the NORD - Opening Act/Roadie (2002-2004)
  • Warren Darr - Head Roadie (2003-2004)
  • Stephen Kaye - Bassist/Guitarist
  • Brent Masters - Drummer

Brent Masters left the band. During the band's formation, Jacob Hacker tried out as their bassist using a noise music routine he had created under the pseudonym "the NORD.&qu...

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