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Albert Hammond

"Albert Hammond" (born on 18 May, 1942) is a singer-songwriter, whose family came originally from Gibraltar.

Hammond was born in London, due to a war-time shift in family circumstances, and later moved to the United States, where he began his professional career as a musician. He is best known for his hits of the 1970s such as "It Never Rains in Southern California", "The Free Electric Band", and "Down by the River".

Hammond has released albums in both English and Spanish, and recorded many of his songs in both languages.

His son, Albert Hammond Jr, is a member of the band The Strokes.

Albert Hammond was born on May 18, as the second of his parents' three children (his sister Violet Hammond was born in 1941, his younger brother Leslie Hammond in 1947). His father was a fireman.

As a boy, Hammond was head choir boy in church. Albert Hammond's uncle recorded four tunes sung by Albert on a demo machine. One of those songs (Estrellita) was officially released years later. Some time later, Albert and a friend of his, Richard Cartwright, start performing as Albert & Richard in Gibraltar and Spain.

In 1960, Albert left school, and, together with Richard, for...

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