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Alexi Murdoch

"Alexi Murdoch" is a Scottish-born, London-bred, singer/songwriter. His self-published EP, ''Four Songs (EP)'', was released in 2002. One song from the album, "Orange Sky," grew in popularity because it was featured in the movie ''Garden State'' (but was not released on the soundtrack). It was later featured in the movie ''Ladder 49'', in an episode of ''Dawson's Creek'', an episode of Fox's "The O.C."—a popular show known for its music-, and an episode of Fox's ''Prison Break'', and also in an episode of Fox's ''House''. It has also been featured in commercials for the Honda Element as well as Hallmark Cards. It was used again in the trailer for the Warner Independent film ''Paradise Now'' in 2005. Director Josh Lowell also used it for several sequences in the climbing video ''Pilgrimage'' featuring Chris Sharma. The true oddity of the song "Orange Sky" and its success is the length; coming in at over 6 minutes long. In an interview, Alexi said when he took his music to a record company that the record company guy popped the disc into his computer rather than a stereo and then proceeded to stare at the counter on the screen waiting to see how long it took to get to the c...
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