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"Amberlife" (born "Edgaras Lubys" on 17 August, 1983) is a popular Lithuanian musician and songwriter from KlaipÄ—da. He is often compared to such popular bands as a-ha, HIM and Coldplay.

He had successfully collaborated with well-known Lithuanian producer company "Cactus" and it made Amberlife's international career realistic. He had released two albums and had become known in Latvia, Russia and Scandinavia.

A limited edition CD "In Your Eyes" (3000 copies) was released in January featuring all the songs from Amberlife's debut album plus 4 versions of "In Your Eyes".

A video for "In Your Eyes" was filmed in Stockholm. During his stay in Stockholm Amberlife was photographed by famous photographer Bingo Rimmer, who has worked with Steven Tyler ("Aerosmith"), Emilia, "Backstreet Boys" and others.

In 2006 during the national selection for the Eurovision festival, Amberlife refused to participate, further claiming that this was a waste of time. He was considered as the most likely winner of the national selectio...

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