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"Amen" (sometimes all-capitalised to "AMEN") is a cross-genre hard rock band mainly taking influence from heavy metal music and 1980s punk rock. They have had a number of different band members, with lead vocalist Casey Chaos the only surviving member of the original lineup. They have been voted "Overall Best Band in the World" and "Best Live Band in the World" by readers of ''Metal Hammer Magazine''. Like iconic industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails, the band's frontman writes all the music and lyrics and performs all instruments (bar drums, since the album ''Amen'') for studio recordings.

Early recordings were created ca. 1994 by Casey Chaos in the basement of his Los Angeles home, playing each instrument himself and using the name Amen to release the subsequent EP. Chaos later met Paul Figueroa through the LA music scene, and they formed a partnership. In the following months and years, the band expanded to include drummer Shannon Larkin, guitarist Sonny Mayo and bassist John Fahnestock, and they were signed to metal label Roadrunner Records.

Following the release of their epnoymous album, produced by Ross Robinson, the band were set to tour Europe in December of 1999....

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