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The American Analog Set

"The American Analog Set" or "The AmAnSet" is an Austin, Texas-based American indie rock/post-rock musical band. The group is led by singer and guitarist Andrew Kenny. Additional members include or have included Lee Gillespie, Mark Smith, Craig Mccaffrey, Tom Hoff, Lisa Roschmann and Sean Ripple. Their name derives from their preference for analog rather than digital recording media. Formed in 1995, the group has released six full-length albums, the latest being Set Free, which was released on September 20, 2005 in North America.

In October 2005, rumours began spreading across the internet that the group was on the verge of disbanding. The band quickly refuted such rumours, but added that they may not tour again due to their obligations with other projects.

Their last album, Set Free, was signed on Arts&Crafts for North America.

* ''The Fun of Watching Fireworks'' Emperor Jones (1996)

* ''From Our Living Room to Yours'' Emperor Jones (1997)

* ''The Golden Band'' Emperor Jones (1999)

* ''Know By Heart'' Tiger Style (2001)

* ''Promise of Love'' Tiger Style (2003)

* ''Set Free'' Arts & Crafts (2005)


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