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An alternative rock band from Australia, "Ammonia" made a name for themselves in the1990’s, producing a mixture of grunge and guitar pop (a sound they described as ‘pop-metal’). The group began in 1992, initially comprising guitarist Dave Johnstone (ex Hideous Goldsteins), drummer Alan Balmont (ex Dear Octopus, Cherrytones) and bass player Phil Natt (Favourite Game). This line up performed under the name Fuzzswirl, and following departure of Natt, continued to perform with a variety of bass players around their hometown of Perth. It wasn't until 1993 when bassist Simon Hensworth joined the group that the name was changed to Ammonia. The band was considering the name “Glorious Noise Earthquake”, but selected Ammonia for it simplicity after Hensworth stumbled across the word in a science textbook.

The band's early success was due mostly to their self-financed recordings and word of mouth. The trio released a self-titled cassette and developed a distinctive live sound, driven by Hensworth’s overdriven (and high volume) bass guitar, complemented by Johnstone’s infectious pop hooks. By 1994 the band had completed successful tours of Melbourne and Sydney, establishi...

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