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Amy Ray

"Amy Ray", born on April 12, 1964 in Atlanta, Georgia, is a singer-songwriter and member of the Indigo Girls. Ray grew up in Decatur, Georgia, and went on to begin college at Vanderbilt University. After a year at Vanderbilt, Ray returned to Greater Atlanta to continue her education at Emory University. Ray graduated from Emory in 1986 with majors in English and Religion.

On March 6, 2001 she released her first solo album, ''Stag'', a southern and punk rock album. The Butchies provided support for five songs, and Nineteen Forty-Five and the Rock-A-Teens supported on one song apiece. Joan Jett helped out on "''Hey Castrator''." On April 12, 2005, Ray released ''Prom.''

Her backup band for her ''Stag'' tour was the Butchies. In 2004, when she embarked on her ''Prom'' tour, she brought Les Nuby (guitar), Will Lochamy (drums), and Jody Bleyle (bass). Jody was replaced with Tara Jane O'Neil in October because Jody was on maternity leave. Ray called this new band the Volunteers.


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