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Amy Studt

"Amy Jane Studt" (born March 22, 1986, in London) is a British singer/songwriter/musician.

Growing up in what she regards as her hometown of Bournemouth, she started teaching herself piano, playing guitar ("very badly") and learning the oboe. There was no escape from music, as Studt’s dad is a violinist and conductor who has toured with Roy Orbison and played on films, while her mom was head of music at a school. “Music was something that was always there,” she says. “I can’t even remember getting into it. I think if you’re from a musical family, you either absolutely loathe music, or you give in and do it yourself!” Of course, she gave in, writing her first song at age 9. From there, the songs never stopped, and Studt spent most of her time working on them on her own in the music room at school and “being constantly teased about it”.

At 13, she decided not to move on to the same strict school as all her friends, but to attend the area’s rival private school instead (Bryanston School, Dorset). “At that school you got a lot of freedom,” she smiles wryly, “and with freedom, things start getting a little bit more interesting. You didn’t hav...

years active 2002-2004
origin Bournemouth, United Kingdom
music genre Rock music
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia