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An Angle

"An Angle" is an indie rock band from Sacramento, California. At the center of this group is singer-songwriter Kris Anaya whose musical stylings have often been compared with the likes of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Robert Smith and Conor Oberst. While many critics have stated that they are surprised by the band's decision to sign to Drive-Thru Records, the band has shown substantial growth in both popularity and musicianship.

*Kris Anaya - vocals, guitar

*Matt Sergent - vocals, bass

*Trevor Church - guitar


Morley Boyer, Joey Hyland, Melody Mundy, Dan Block, Jessica Brown, Angel Deradoorian, Mike Sparks, Ryan Rake, Matt McCord, Chris Trombley, Robert Cheek, Lance Jackman, Anthony Sarte, Alvir Navin, Mark Meraji, Zack Thompson, Cory Prodigy, Mike Woodall, Aram Deradoorian, Nate Perkins, Nyssa Capps, Shaun Bivins, Gram Gerry, Toby Muench, Bob McCauley, Matt Milner, Ira Skinner, Ryan Rietz, Arjun Signh, Tony Portela, Marty Stangel, Chelsea Wolfe, Caitlin Gutenberger, Dusty Brown, Dave Dahlquist, Alex Huie, Ben Reeves, Ben Edrington, James Leste


*''And Take It with a Grain of Salt'' (2004)

*''We Can Breathe under Alcohol'' (2005)


*''5 Days 5 ...

years active 2000–present
origin Sacramento, California
country United States
music genre Indie Rock
Folk Rock
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia